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ShackRPG - Alpha Demo

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Updated: Apr 8, 2008 by CraigGiles9
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Source Code ShackRPG.rar
source code, 2043K, uploaded Apr 8, 2008 - 234 downloads

Release Notes

Main Menu:
doesn't do anything... hit enter to enter the game

Game Screen:
W A S D = movement
Space = run
Tilde = Open map editor
C = Open character status screen (currently can't alter your inventory, i just gave some bogus items as place holders)

Run into an enemies agro range to trigger battle

Battle Screen:
W A D = change battle commands when your timer is expired.
W = Fight
A = Defend
D = Run Away attempt
ENTER = Execute highlighted command

Map Editor:
SHIFT CLICK: you must shift click to change the blue buttons (meaning, to save / load / change which layer you're editing)

W A S D: Move Camera
Space: IMPORTANT!! - I have not clamped the camera, use space to reset to 0,0
Enemy Tab: Left click = add enemy, right click = delete enemy.
Object Tab: Left Click = add object, Right Click = delete object.
Collision Layer: Left Click = add collision, Right Click = delete collision.
Base Layer: left click adds texture. No way to 'undo' yet.
Only 2 enemies are implemented at this time.


Please give feedback as its my first big project ever, and after only coding for 4 months, its time for some guidance :)